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Blue Tongue

Freedom. Isn’t that really what camping is all about? Freedom to escape the mundane, freedom to explore places less travelled, and freedom to disconnect from the things that stress us out. The XH15 gives you the freedom to do it in comfort or stay off-grid for as long as you want.

2024 XH15 Series 2

The Series 2 build upon the success of the Series 1 maintaining the same layout and general design but with a few upgrades such as Renogy Lithium battery and charging system and sleek new external doors.

Our common-sense design, practical features, and top-quality components are hallmarks of the XH15. It isn’t an off-road camper that does flashy for the sake of flashy, but a self-contained adventure-vehicle that has had every inch of its compact, go-anywhere design meticulously planned. The XH15 Series 2 has an electronically operated pop-top roof, a fold-out bed extension, and everything you need to camp self-sufficiently and fully contained for as long as you want.

Blue Tongue XH15 Series 2
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