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Current Stock

Rarely do we have stock ready for immediate delivery, but right now we have some great deals to take advantage of.


Nomadic Norca 18 couples
$79,990 inc 3 mth reg

Delivered to us in Feb 2024. Built October 2023. Substantial saving on new price. Lithium, Diesel Heater, Cafe style seating, Split ensuite. Brand new in all respects.


SWAG SCT13 couples
$64,990 inc 3 mth reg

February 2024. Current model Generation 6. Brand new. 340 a/hr Lithium, Evakool fridge, A/C, Light weight & rugged. One only at this price.


Blue Tongue XC16 Pop-top
$56,990 inc 3 mth reg

September 2023 build. Delivered to us, brand new in April 2024. Stunning fully featured inside kitchen with gas cooker, range hood, microwave & fridge. Loads of storage. Unbelievable value.

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