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The NORCA-16 is a versatile light weight 16 foot hybrid caravan designed for families of 2 adults and 2 kids. Constructed using the latest in timber free core filled sandwich panel technology, honey comb flooring and single piece roof design the NORCA Range is light weight yet super strong.

Internally you will find a permanently set up king size master bed, as well as 2 huge bunks for the kids. There is loads of storage for personal effect & clothes as well as internal kitchenette and lounge area. A large single piece fiberglass molded onboard ensuite with hot shower & toilet will bolster your off-grid camping experience.

Step outside and you will find a very well equipped full stainless steel kitchen, with large fridge slide and ample storage housed under a huge awning that has been sealed from the back to prevent water ingress.

With it's versatile off-road & off-grid capabilities, the NORCA-16 will have you exploring remote locations in style & comfort.

Norca 16/4 Berth Hard Roof Hybrid Off-Road

SKU: 364115376135191
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